What Happens When a Baby Is Born Addicted to Drugs?

What Happens When a Baby Is Born Addicted to Drugs?

The tragedy of addiction at birth Some people see addiction as a personal choice instead of a disease and they usually look down upon addicts, but sometimes that drug addict is a baby who was born that way… no choice of his or her own. Research has shown that...

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Prenatal care for women addicted to opioids

Prenatal care for women addicted to opioids

The opioid crisis in America has reached epidemic proportions, according to the Surgeon General’s recently released landmark report. In 2016, 12.5 million Americans misused prescriptions 174 deaths are caused each day by a drug overdose. Its reported that only 20% of...

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We provide clients and their families with a wide range of resources before, during, and after treatment. The Family Place believes everyone should have access to relevant and accurate information. Our regularly updated blog articles provide an inside view for families and individuals seeking help for addiction and related conditions. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with SUD, our blog will provide insight, answers, and advice on how to heal and face challenges related to sobriety. 

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The early stages of recovery can be challenging. Blog topics we write about give individuals transitioning out of our program and into continuing care additional support. We have resources and information to help you keep moving forward no matter where you are on the road to recovery. Check back often to read our newest content. 

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