Intensive Outpatient Program for Pregnant Women (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Pregnant Women Proves to be Successful

At The Family Place, our Intensive Outpatient Program is where the meat and potatoes of recovery begin. This program is designed to take our family atmosphere into the next phase of recovery. The Family Place’s IOP works hand in hand with women whom have already completed a residential recovery program. Where a primary purpose of PHP is to build a strong foundation of recovery; IOP builds a sturdy structure on top of that foundation. IOP strives to continue uncovering the underlying causes of addiction and addressing / resolving those root causes. As our women understand; drinking and drugging are merely symptoms of these underlying causes. True recovery cannot happen until a person fully understands why they may be depressed and feel as though they are “different.”

Research supports the fact that graduates of an IOP program are up to 10 times more likely to maintain long term sobriety than those who simply attend a 30 – 45 day residential program and then go straight back to their potentially unhealthy environment .

A high level of personalized care is attained through the continuation of specific therapies and group activities. Our IOP seeks to calm the lingering effects of addiction, while creating healthy boundaries and pathways for lifelong recovery.

Intended to more closely accommodate work and family life, The Family Place’s IOP program permits pregnant women to personalize their treatment plans to accommodate work, etc.  At The Family Place, we work directly with our clients and monitor their ability to maintain employment and familial responsibilities while also working a program of recovery.  

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