What to Expect

Questions Commonly Asked About Treatment at The Family Place

What types of insurance do you accept?

The Family Place works with most insurance companies and our intake coordinators will assist you and your family navigating the insurance process.

Can family or friends visit me during my stay?

Yes, family participation in each client’s recovery is encouraged. Visitation arrangements are typically made through communication with your therapist.

What if I need emergency or specialty medical care while staying at The Family Place?
The Family Place has an affiliation with local medical providers and local hospitals.
What kind of clothing should i pack for my stay?
Your intake coordinator will provide you a list of clothing and personal needs.
How is The Family Place different?
The Family Place is a full service residential facility treating substance abuse and dependence solely for pregnant women and moms with young children.
Why should I travel from out of state to Florida for my treatment?
Research indicates that a change in geographic location assists with being able to focus on the therapeutic process and individual needs while being distanced from the stressors or triggers that can distract from true recovery.
How can I keep my job and take time off for my treatment?
Most employers have family medical leave options for such situations. Your case manager will work with you and your employer throughout your stay. And remember; your recovery can save your life and that of your unborn child.
What is an intervention?
An intervention is an attempt—usually by family and friends—to get someone professional help with an addiction or eating disorder. We will work with the family to facilitate an intervention when necessary.
Can I bring my cell phone and computer?
Typically yes; your intake specialist will discuss the use of electronic equipment during your treatment Stay.
Can I smoke cigarettes in addiction rehab?
Yes, although it is highly that pregnant women DO NOT SMOKE; cigarette smoking is allowed outdoors at designated times and places.
How much does rehab cost?
The Family Place accepts most insurance and private pay.
What is your confidentiality policy?
The Family Place respects every client’s privacy and we follow the federal HIPAA guidelines and all communications must be approved by the client with written consent.
Where are you located?
We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; just a few miles from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and 2 miles to the beach.
I do not drive. Do you have a pickup service?
Absolutely yes. We will also provide transportation to Doctors appointments, etc.
What are your accommodations like?
All of the residences at The Family Place are in luxury single family homes, many with pools, Jacuzzi’s, beautiful kitchens, etc.
Will I need any money during my visit?
Yes… Money/credit cards may be needed during your stay. These items can be kept in a locked, secure location.
Can I send or receive mail/packages during my stay?
In most cases, yes.
What opportunities are available for exercise and outdoor recreation?
Regular exercise and physical activities are highly encouraged. Many of the residences have an outdoor pool and exercise equipment. Clients are provided opportunities to participate in trips to the beach, yoga and other wellness activities.

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